Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Knit in Public Day!

Yes, the Minions made it out for Knit in Public Day. We even had a Mini-Minion join us!

We chose Santana Row for a number of reasons. Santana Row is this chi-chi, expensive, pretentious, pseudo-Italian little shopping center. Knitting there smacks their indulgent, consumerist ways right in their faces.

It was very public, very in your face. Cynthia and Julie secured AWESOME space in the shade, and everyone had their boba/coffee/tea/Ben & Jerry's. (Ok, if not for all of the socio-political reasons I listed earlier, the presence of a Ben & Jerry's always tilts the balance in favor.)

Nobody approached us, and I only noticed odd looks while I was herding the Mini-Minion and juggling Bobas. I think that was because I was afraid that she would randomly dart into traffic or something, and you could totally tell.

[NOTE: She's a terrific kid who would never run into traffic. In fact, I am much more likely to chase a ball into traffic. She and her little sister are the kind of kids that make it seem like a good idea to have a dozen or so.]

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Minions, an introduction

The Minions of the Pointy Sticks (MOTPS) are a knitting group composed of some wild and crazy folks. We like to knit, eat, spin and say things like "p*n1s". We are a group composed of opinionated, witty and empowered people. All around, we're pretty awesome in our own humble opinion.

We often knit in public, but have been known to meet at my place as well.

Individual Minion profiles will be posted upon receipt. To get us started, here is a Minion photo from September 2006 with the Yarn Harlot. We have new people, and I promise to get an updated picture, but I'm a busy woman and a lousy photographer. So for now, cope.

Left to right: (Back row with tall people) Andrew, Gregory, Erica
Middle Row: Cynthia, Colleen, Jasmin, Gigi
Front Row: Stephanie (not a Minion yet), Ursula