Thursday, March 1, 2007

Minions, an introduction

The Minions of the Pointy Sticks (MOTPS) are a knitting group composed of some wild and crazy folks. We like to knit, eat, spin and say things like "p*n1s". We are a group composed of opinionated, witty and empowered people. All around, we're pretty awesome in our own humble opinion.

We often knit in public, but have been known to meet at my place as well.

Individual Minion profiles will be posted upon receipt. To get us started, here is a Minion photo from September 2006 with the Yarn Harlot. We have new people, and I promise to get an updated picture, but I'm a busy woman and a lousy photographer. So for now, cope.

Left to right: (Back row with tall people) Andrew, Gregory, Erica
Middle Row: Cynthia, Colleen, Jasmin, Gigi
Front Row: Stephanie (not a Minion yet), Ursula